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Skills for Success

Build Confidence

Help your child build self-esteem and confidence with the PowerPals Skills for Success! As he or she sees their sports skills improving rapidly, they will discover the joy of accomplishment!  Playing with others will no longer be a stressful activity.

Develop Physical Skills

PowerPals kid’s progress is not only apparent in sports play, but in physical development of muscles, hand-eye coordination, endurance, agility and reaction time. Each child has an “individual lesson plan to success”, based on skill level and our understanding of all children’s learning development and the challenges facing those with varying developmental disorders and learning disabilities. As attainable goals are set and gradually met, so rises our kids’ motivation to continue on the road to self-improvement, and more importantly, self-discovery.

Improve Social Skills

One of the most rewarding changes that we have seen as a result of our classes is the blooming of the children’s social confidence and communication. PowerPals teaches through example how to make good use of leisure time and how to reduce stress through relaxation and activity. Children flourish in our pressure free program because they can work without embarrassment, and instead play with pride!

Cardiovascular & Weight Training

Your child’s health and wellness are the main focus here at PowerPals. With our nation’s struggle with childhood obesity, physical activity is more important than ever! Working out builds cardiovascular (heart, lung & blood vessel) health, strength, muscle tone and function. Getting your child involved in a regular fitness routine will help to thwart some illnesses that are effecting kids in growing numbers, such as asthma and diabetes type II.